Monday, May 18, 2015


Miguel Yanez uses the artistic style of “casualismo” with which he also creates metal sculpture with found objects. A cyclist and free spirit himself, each of Miguel's watercolor paintings is an original design and a wonderful interpretation of the flow and movement we feel cycling. For a current inventory of Miguel's paintings see Tarma Website. Miguel's studio is located about 1 hour north of Quito in a beautiful volcano crater at Reserva Geobotanica Pululahua. Miguel lives right on the equator in the city of Mitad del Mundo.

Some of Miguel's cycling paintings
Miguel & Sky looking at cycling paintings

Sculpture made from found pieces
Example of framed painting

View of Pululahua crater where Miguel's studio is located

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Your very own PCT Trail marker in sterling silver! The pendant is hung on our super durable 2mm polycord - it won't hold water (is hydrophobic) and dries quickly. The cord won't feel clammy or wet, so you can wear it swimming, in the hot tub or on your next through hike smile emoticon $1 from the sale of this product goes toward the Pacific Crest Trail Association. The PCTA protects, preserves and promotes the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Two of our very favorite styles, the Tree of Life and the Sun Spiral, are now available in sterling silver. They have been remastered in an elegant design to securely fit on our black 2mm recycled polycord. Each pendant features our unique adjustable system accented by a matching sterling toggle button. Black cord comes at 26 inches so it can be worn long or adjusted to something short. Original designs by Tarma, Hand cast in the US. Buy online at:

Tree of Life Pendant #100531

Sun Spiral Pendant #100548
Tree of Life Pendant #100531

Sun Spiral Pendant #100548
Sun Spiral Pendant #100548

Tree of Life Pendant #100531

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Shark Tooth Pendants from Tarma!

A symbol of the power of nature and a love for the ocean, the shark's tooth is a simple and elegant design that's edgy yet sophisticated. Hand cast in .925 sterling silver for women on a 2mm cord and white bronze for men on a 3mm cord. 

Custom woven for Tarma, our polycord is made from recycled materials and is super durable. And unlike suede, cotton or nylon, it doesn't hold water (is hydrophobic) and dries quickly. The cord won't feel clammy or wet, so you can wear it swimming, in the shower or working out. 

The matching button clasp easily lets you adjust to the length you like. Just pull the cord through the button clasp, tie a knot at the desired length, trim the excess cord, then seal the end with a match. Our cord also comes with a sewn loop that's secure and durable to last for years. Cast in the US. An original Tarma design. See them at:

Women's Sterling Pendant

Women's Pendant Mod# 100512 / $29.98

Men's Pendant in White Bronze

Men's Pendant Mod# 100513 / $24.98

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Pendants for the Outdoors from Tarma Designs

Three new styles: Mountains for Me, Bear Happy and Nature Calling! Fun and artsy, these pendants are cast in sterling silver.  They were voted as our most favorite new designs.  Designed in our Penngrove NorCal studio, these pendants and components are hand cast in the US in .925 Sterling silver. The pendants are hung on an adjustable 26 inch recycled poly cord.

New Outdoor Pendant Designs from Tarma
Durable and lightweight, you can wear these pendants in the shower, swimming or to bed. Always ready for adventure, our poly cord feels happy even when its wet -- it doesn't hold water (is hydrophobic) -- so it dries quickly and doesn't feel clammy like cotton, nylon or suede. The cord is easy adjustable with the sterling button toggle to the length you like. Pendants retail for $29.95. 

Mountains for Me Pendant - Mod# 100373  Tarma’s Mountains for Me pendant is all about bright, happy, outdoors and mountains! "Mountains for Me" is cast on the back of the pendant.

Bear Happy Pendant - Mod# 100366  A bear is never happier than in the mountains :) Just as you are never happier than when you are in Nature. Tarma jewelry is happy in nature with you. The phrase "Bear Happy" is cast on the back.

Nature Calling Pendant - Mod# 100350 A wolf howling at the moon is a symbol of freedom and desire. Your animal instincts coming close to the surface - a connection with our true, wild beginnings. "Nature Calling" cast on the back.

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Tarma Designs Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Started in 2005, Tarma Designs met the needs for lightweight, super durable and easy to wear jewelry with authentic themes for hiking, running and cycling. Fresh from a stint at CamelBak, Tarma’s founder Sky George was very familiar with the active sports market.
“We used green materials like recycled 316L stainless and polyester cord made from PET bottles. Pendants were adjustable so you could customize your own fit. Finishes were matte silver and black. EDM cutting was used to give the pendant images a unique and clean look. Many of the designs were graphic illustrations of that activity,” said George.
“The original branding and concepts were done with Sidfactor, a Colorado product development company.” said George. “We asked what would jewelry for active sports look like? The jewelry would have to have meaning, be simple, durable and low key. Be able to wear it 24-7. Many of those original pieces are still in our line. One of the most successful has been the image of the stacked rock cairn pendant. For the outdoor crowd, this symbol a trail marker to guide you through uncertain areas. For yoga, it’s about balance. Still others see it as steps on their path in life.”
Ten year later, Tarma continues its focus on hiking, cycling and running, as well as close categories, such as yoga, SUP and nature images. Custom work includes the ATCPCTA and the film Mile, Mile-and-a-Half to mention a few. Many of the designs continue in EDM cut stainless, but casting in silver and bronze have been added, as well as domestic production.
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Tarma Cairn Pendants for Women & Men

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love Idaho!

New custom pieces for Outdoor Experience ( in Sandpoint Idaho! You are lucky to get these if you love Idaho . . . they are looking nice !!!smile emoticon These are the CAD illustrations.

These will be cast in sterling and hung on black 2mm recycled poly cord. The bottom ring design will have a loop knot at the top. The poly cord is lightweight, super durable and dries quickly, so you can wear it in the shower or swimming.

We love this stuff! :)